Mistral in Sardinia



5 thoughts on “Mistral in Sardinia

  1. your pictures are breathtaking ,I love coming back and because of a different mood that day ,a different one speaks.Would it be ok with you if I printed my favourites out to put up in my home?

  2. wow, your honesty is so straightforward and your comment such an honor for me that, even though I’m a person who lives of photography, I can’t deny your request, considering you could have downloaded and printed without asking me anyway. Please go ahead Lassy, do download and print as much as you like. THANK YOU!

  3. Thank you so much.If I could afford it I would buy them but as a single mum working minimum wages in 3 jobs I can’t.I only have 10 pieces of A4 photographic paper so it will be a tough choice,thank you so much and when/IF i can afford it I will buy one.In the meantime I am sharing your blog on twitter Facebook ect.Oh how much are your photographs?

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