Rome 2020

I recently went back to Rome, for a three days leisure trip. Needless to say, this city is an open-air monument. I haven’t done proper street photography ever since I left London, quite a while ago, as I moved to the countryside in Sardinia for a quieter life choice.

I discover again the pleasure of wandering around exploring, photographing, taking the time to think before pressing the shutter and….walking!
I have walked some 45 km in two days through the whole city.

Colosseum, monuments, exhibitions, alleyways, historical sites…

It’s an amazing city, soothing history from every corner.
Its parks are also worth visiting, Villa Borghese was my favorite about all.

I definitely need to go back to realize a night project that has been stimulated by Rome itself, with all its street lights and the buzzing lifestyle.

Stay tuned, thank you.